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The Gray Issues: How to Teach the Controversial Moments in Israeli History

What you’ll learn


In today’s day and age, educators are increasingly sensing that Israel Education requires an adjustment, and some would even argue, a makeover. Students are itching for the “full story,” to encounter Israel in its entirety, the good and the exciting, as well as the controversial and ugly. Students reach universities and feel under-informed and lacking in their knowledge of Israel. How can we address this gap? How can we teach Israel in a nuanced, age-appropriate manner to keep students engaged, interested and empathic? Join Israel Education expert Rachel Fish in conversation with Jerusalem U’s Noam Weissman to gain some valuable insight.


What we’ll tackle


  • Changing attitudes towards Israel Education
  • Approaches to teaching controversial episodes in Israeli history
  • 21st century classroom tips for teaching Israel

Rachel Fish, PhD

Senior Advisor and Resident Scholar, Paul E. Singer Foundation

Rachel Fish is Senior Advisor and Resident Scholar of Jewish/Israel Philanthropy at The Paul E. Singer Foundation in New York City. She was the Executive Director of the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis University. Rachel has taught at Brandeis University, Harvard University (where she received the Derek Bok Certificate of Teaching Excellence), UMASS Amherst and adult Jewish educational programs – Wexner, Tzion and Me’ah. She is co-editor of the book Essential Israel: Essays for the Twenty-First Century.

Noam Weissman, EdD

Senior Vice President of Education, Jerusalem U

Noam leads Jerusalem U in producing engaging, digital Jewish and Israel content that impacts high school and college students around the world. Formerly the principal of Shalhevet High School, Los Angeles, Noam is also the founder of LaHaV, an educational methodology that reframes how Judaism is taught and empowers students to find meaning in their learning.

On-Demand Recording