Weird Ways Israel Won its War of Independence

This video focuses on two critical pieces of Israel’s War of Independence: the Davidka cannon and the Burma road. Each one highlights Israel’s scrappiness at a time when they seriously lacked resources. Today, Israelis have a strong and powerful military, but this was not always the case. Creativity, resourcefulness and teamwork allowed Israel, the David amongst the pan-Arab Goliath of the Middle East, to emerge victorious and become a sovereign state. This video examines parts of Israel’s beginnings that students may not know much about. Together with the educator guide, students will explore questions about what it means to be an underdog and whether or not Israel today should be viewed as a David, a Goliath or perhaps, neither.
Watch this video and use these prompts to deepen your students’ understanding and to teach them the story of 1948 with a different angle.