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Media 101: Reading Between the Lines

We interact with media all the time—through radio, podcasts, social media, online outlets and second-hand reports from friends—and we form our opinions of the world based on this information. The problem is that sometimes this information is biased, missing the context or bigger picture, or even misrepresenting or manipulating the facts. Understanding and actively engaging with the media we consume is vital to getting a full picture of what is really going on and ensuring that others do as well. Today’s media is accessible, which means it can be easily manipulated, but it also means that you can have a real influence on ensuring that it stays accurate and unbiased.

  1. Let’s review—what does CLUMSY stand for?
    Local Fixers
    Unconscious Bias
    Media Outlets with an Agenda
    Social Media Sloppiness
  2. Why is CLUMSY an important tool?
  3. What examples of CLUMSY did you see in the film?