Eli Cohen: The Mossad's Master Spy

Eli Cohen is a legend in Israel. Known as the country’s best spy, Cohen was born in Egypt, spoke several languages, and had a photographic memory, making him an excellent candidate for the Mossad when the intelligence agency was looking for a man to go behind enemy lines, into Syria. Posing as a Syrian businessman who’d been living in Argentina, Cohen was able to cozy up to Syrian officials. From his position, he gathered delicate information that he passed on to Israel – information that was critical in Israel’s victory in the Six Day War in 1967. Unfortunately, Cohen was found out and hanged in Syria. This video explores Cohen’s life, contributions, and ultimate dedication to the State of Israel. What is it like to give your very life for your country? To leave your family behind and risk everything for her?

Use this video and prompts to learn about the life and legacy of a true Israeli hero.