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Media Lab is a free resource that unpacks the complex, challenging, and ever-changing issues brought up by Israel education and makes them accessible to all educators.



An extensive collection of engaging videos combined with four different ways to to interpret and teach the content focus.

  1. Review: Summation and questions to reinforce understanding.
  2. Further Reading: Additional external materials.
  3. Reflection: Reflection questions.
  4. Discussion: Discussion questions to get students talking.

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Buy our award-winning feature films and receive customized educational materials (choose either a classroom or community screening license).


Screening Licenses Include:

  • The rights to screen the film to a group of over 10 people
  • A hi-resolution download of the film
  • A link to the downloadable online screening kit, which includes: a moderator’s guide with discussion questions and promotional materials


A weekly exploration into current events written by our education team with thought-provoking content and guides on how to present the latest headlines in the classroom.


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