podcast EP. 50 The Balfour Century

What was the context for the Balfour Declaration? What is its relevance today? Alan, Matt and Mike review a century of implications for our 50th episode.

40:17 minutes
podcast EP. 48 Peel at 80

Welcome new team member, Matt Lipman! In 1937, the British recommended setting up two states in Palestine. That didn't go well. What are the lasting implications for today? And can you guess who gets into an argument about history?

48:25 minutes
podcast EP. 47 National Repentance

After referring to current events and the Kurdish independence movement, Alan and Mike address the season's themes. How do members of a nation address wrongdoings in their nation past? Is there such a thing as national repentance?

39:25 minutes
podcast EP. 46 Advocacy or Education?

How do we connect young Jews to Israel? How central is Israel to their Jewish identity? Join Lior, Alan and Mike as they discuss the issues and challenges that Jewish educators are wrestling with, and provide direction for further progress.

35:22 minutes
podcast EP. 45 Hollywood and Holy Land

With Gal Gadot breaking box office records, and Conan O'Brien filming here, its been an interesting summer for Israel in pop culture. What does that say about how how Israel is seen in the world? And what will it mean for the future?

36:33 minutes
podcast EP. 44 120 Years of Zionism

This week we take a deep historical dive on the 120th anniversary of the first Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland. Joined by this week's special guest, Middle East journalist David Harris, Mike and Alan explain that momentous event. Then they all unpack the lasting results of this turning point in Jewish History.

41:32 minutes
podcast EP. 43 The New Old Hate

Benji's back! In last week's episode Mike & Alan explained a Zionist theory of antisemitism. This week the guys discuss how this old hatred has manifested itself in recent years. Sometimes personal, sometimes reflective, they wonder what this means for the future.

48:56 minutes
podcast EP. 42 Demystifying Antisemitism

Its unnerving when you see people express hatred towards you. Especially from strangers. What did I ever do to some tiki torch guy in Virginia? Alan and Mike try to explain the seemingly incomprehensible evil of antisemitism. Antisemitism crosses time and boundaries. Bigotry and racism can't and should never be justified. But can the particular anti-Jewish branch be explained? Let us know what you think.

33:08 minutes
podcast EP. 41 Culture Clash

Lior questions about complicated cases of Israeli culture with Alan and Mike. With so many different mini-cultures in Israeli life, how do we share art that challenges political or traditional sensibilities?

43:41 minutes