podcast EP. 83 The IfNotNow-Birthright Walkout

The team discusses IfNotNow and its mission in light of the recent Birthright walkout.

39:15 minutes
podcast EP. 82 Talking Politics in the Classroom in a Partisan Age

Conversations about politics are social land mines. So how do teachers discuss current events with students in a productive way? Are there take away ideas for others to use?

37:49 minutes
podcast EP. 80 Israel News Update: Missiles, Abu Mazen, and Oligarchs

Covering this week's news in Israel: yet another rocket barrage from Gaza on the southern border, Palestinian President Abbas (Abu Mazen) leaves the hospital, and a Russian oligarch makes aliyah.

36:24 minutes
podcast EP. 79 Israel Misunderstood

Students want to know why Israel is so often misjudged. Alan and Mike try to explain why so many people don't get it, and what we can do about it.

30:24 minutes
podcast EP. 78 Gaza Protests: From the Border to the News Room

With the news talking about protests in Gaza, the team takes a look at role of media, how we understand it, and how to discuss the issue with others.

29:21 minutes
podcast EP. 77 Iran Deal: Before and After

Live from the US Embassy compound, Mike and Alan analyze the history of the Iran deal, touching on the Embassy move, Gaza protests, and more.

34:37 minutes
podcast EP. 76 Iran and The US Embassy Move with Ambassador Dan Shapiro

The guys sit with Ambassador Dan Shapiro to unpack Bibi's Iran speech, the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem, and the Palestinian peace perspective.

45:49 minutes
podcast EP. 75 Barnard Students Explain the BDS Vote

Michael and Alan host Jewish students from Barnard to discuss the recent BDS student election campaign and the action pro-Israel students are taking.

41:48 minutes
podcast EP. 74 The State of the Jewish State at 70

After answering our question of the week, (from Lily Shams at Amit) about JStreet, Alan and Mike give Israel a check up. They use Israel's Declaration of Independence and evaluate his far the State has come to realising its goals, and where it still needs work. (spoiler alert, we've accomplished a lot) An honest and inspirational appreciation of the Jewish State at 70!

44:15 minutes
podcast EP. 73 Clashes on the Border

Nothing is ever boring here in Israel. With violence on both the northern and southern borders, Israel has its hands full. Was that Israel striking Syrian bases? What can we do about bad press from the Gaza "protests"? Alan and Mike try to make sense of it all, and show what these events have in common.

36:18 minutes