podcast EP. 60 How to Pronounce "Goethe" (and being a Jewish history teacher)

Alan & Mike sit down with Reuven Spero from the Alexander Muss High School in Israel. After learning a bit about their program, these three seasoned professionals (read: old fogies) get into a deep discussion about the challenges of teaching Jewish history. How do you connect young Jews from the Diaspora to their homeland?

32:59 minutes
podcast EP. 59 Conflict and Mediation

This week, Alan and Mike turn to Dr. Steve Klein to make some sense of the enduring Israeli Palestinian conflict. He has a PHD in in conflict management and negotiation from Bar-Ilan University, teaches at Tel-Aviv and Ben-Gurion Universities and is an editor at Haaretz. We think you'll agree that he observations are particularly insightful.

39:00 minutes
podcast EP. 58 A View from Academia

How do you teach the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in university? And what if that university is in Jerusalem, and your students are Jews and Arabs? Dr. Toby Greene of Hebrew University shares his experience and perspective. He gives us a lot to think about how we think about Israel.

41:00 minutes
podcast EP. 57 One Week in Jerusalem

Alan, Mike and Lior reflect on what has changed, and what hasn't, since the Trump Jerusalem declaration. Also, Mike sort of has a panic attack, and Lior and Alan try to talk him down.

43:08 minutes
podcast EP. 56 The Jerusalem Declaration

We know that Israel's capital city is Jerusalem. Why hasn't it been recognised before? Why is that changing now? What will that mean going forward? Alan and Mike sit down with Middle East journalist David Harris to discuss what it all means.

47:39 minutes
podcast EP. 55 Peace or Pessimism?

Benji's back! Is the US administration's new peace push anything new or the same old story? Alan, Mike and Benji look at the story and put it into context. Join us, and let us know what you think!

38:04 minutes
podcast EP. 54 242 and Sadat Too

How many anniversaries can 2017 have? Well, its 50 for UNSC Resolution 242 and 40 for Sadat's visit to Jerusalem. Alan, Mike and Matt discuss how these events are misunderstood, and also deeply related. Come for the banter, stay for the cogent analysis of why Israel holds the moral high ground in international law.

43:40 minutes
podcast EP. 53 The State of the Region

The only constant in the Middle East is change. We turn to journalist David Harris for updates on Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kurdistan and what all this means for Israel. Its the safest way you can tour this tumultuous region, and David even gives us reasons for optimism!

45:41 minutes
podcast EP. 52 November 29th, 1947: The Gil Troy Perspective

Tune in for a discussion with Professor Gil Troy for insight and perspective on the 70th anniversary of UN Resolution 181. You won't want to miss this special episode!

37:49 minutes
podcast EP. 51 The Jewish Renaissance Continues

Want to know the state of arts and culture in Israel? Want to know why you should? Join Alan and Mike as they explore these questions with Jessica Steinberg, who covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center for The Times of Israel.

44:51 minutes