Media 101: Reading Between the Lines
Learn what media bias is, why it happens and what you can about it.
Narratives: The Palestinian Story Explained
Identify key aspects of the Palestinian narrative as we know it today.
The Plight of Palestinian Refugees
Explore the opposing narratives of the 1948 war and the perpetuation of the Palestinian refugee crisis.
Six Day War Project
Follow the events leading up to, and during, the Six Day War in this 30 minute film.
The Power of Film: Jewish War Stories
04/17/2018 Michael Unterberg
podcast EP. 73 Clashes on the Border

Nothing is ever boring here in Israel. With violence on both the northern and southern borders, Israel has its hands full. Was that Israel striking Syrian bases? What can we do about bad press from the Gaza "protests"? Alan and Mike try to make sense of it all, and show what these events have in common.

36:18 minutes
podcast EP. 71 Passover, Food and Israel

How is Pesach different in Israel? What are the different foods that various Jews associate with the festival? How are food choices for Passover changing in our time? Why was that only three questions, or does this one make it four? Matt and Mike discuss these and other Paschal topics with the Pardes Institute's Catering Manager, David Berman.

28:49 minutes
Passover: A holiday of social responsibility
03/19/2018 Matthew Lipman
The Rabbi's Daughter
Sister of Mine
The Little Dictator
A Holocaust survivor finds himself in a surreal situation that forces him to face up to himself and his family.
A Little Bit Different