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Media 101: Reading Between the Lines
Learn what media bias is, why it happens and what you can about it.
Narratives: The Palestinian Story Explained
Identify key aspects of the Palestinian narrative as we know it today.
The Plight of Palestinian Refugees
Explore the opposing narratives of the 1948 war and the perpetuation of the Palestinian refugee crisis.
Six Day War Project
Follow the events leading up to, and during, the Six Day War in this 30 minute film.
podcast EP. Ep. 62 - What They Don't Know About Israel What They Don't Know About Israel

JerusalemU's President, Dina Rabhan, joins Alan & Mike to discuss the challenges of Israel Education for Millennials.

45:24 minutes
Contextualizing BDS: Then and Now
01/11/2018 Alan Goldman
podcast EP. 61 TVA Recharge is Back!

Alan & Mike meet with alumni from TVA, who explain what's really going on at today's college campuses. (Its probably better and worse than you're guessing)

38:07 minutes
podcast EP. 60 How to Pronounce "Goethe" (and being a Jewish history teacher)

Alan & Mike sit down with Reuven Spero from the Alexander Muss High School in Israel. After learning a bit about their program, these three seasoned professionals (read: old fogies) get into a deep discussion about the challenges of teaching Jewish history. How do you connect young Jews from the Diaspora to their homeland?

32:59 minutes
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