Media 101: Reading Between the Lines
Learn what media bias is, why it happens and what you can about it.
Narratives: The Palestinian Story Explained
Identify key aspects of the Palestinian narrative as we know it today.
The Plight of Palestinian Refugees
Explore the opposing narratives of the 1948 war and the perpetuation of the Palestinian refugee crisis.
Six Day War Project
Follow the events leading up to, and during, the Six Day War in this 30 minute film.
podcast EP. 83 The IfNotNow-Birthright Walkout

The team discusses IfNotNow and its mission in light of the recent Birthright walkout.

39:15 minutes
podcast EP. 82 Talking Politics in the Classroom in a Partisan Age

Conversations about politics are social land mines. So how do teachers discuss current events with students in a productive way? Are there take away ideas for others to use?

37:49 minutes
podcast EP. 80 Israel News Update: Missiles, Abu Mazen, and Oligarchs

Covering this week's news in Israel: yet another rocket barrage from Gaza on the southern border, Palestinian President Abbas (Abu Mazen) leaves the hospital, and a Russian oligarch makes aliyah.

36:24 minutes
podcast EP. 79 Israel Misunderstood

Students want to know why Israel is so often misjudged. Alan and Mike try to explain why so many people don't get it, and what we can do about it.

30:24 minutes
The Rabbi's Daughter
The story of three daughters of rabbis, directed by the daughter of a rabbi. The four women have chosen a different path than that of their parents. Now they face inner dilemmas, communal censure and sacrifices that have to be made.
Sister of Mine
Ruchi, the favorite daughter of a Jerusalem family, dreams of becoming a wife and mother. But the fact that Ruchi's younger sister has Down's syndrome makes Ruchi an undesirable match, and in the end Ruchi's parents take desperate and ethically questionable measures to marry her off.
The Little Dictator
A history professor finds himself in a surreal situation at his grandmother's birthday party that forces him to face up to himself and his family.
A Little Bit Different
Chava, an ultra-orthodox young woman, called off her engagement a year ago. Now a new match has been suggested for her. The introduction is made, but Chava experiences a sharp disappointment. Can she put aside her prejudices to give love a chance to grow?