Media 101: Reading Between the Lines
Learn what media bias is, why it happens and what you can about it.
Narratives: The Palestinian Story Explained
Identify key aspects of the Palestinian narrative as we know it today.
The Plight of Palestinian Refugees
Explore the opposing narratives of the 1948 war and the perpetuation of the Palestinian refugee crisis.
Six Day War Project
Follow the events leading up to, and during, the Six Day War in this 30 minute film.
Stable South, Shaky Coalition
11/19/2018 Noam Weissman
Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? Terrorist House Demolition
11/13/2018 Noam Weissman
"I Voted": A Breakdown of Israel's Elections
11/05/2018 Noam Weissman
The Pittsburgh Massacre: What Now?
10/29/2018 Noam Weissman
Jordan’s Epic 6-Day War Mistake
Israel’s victory in the Six Day War in 1967 was incredible, but Jordan made a costly error that changed the fate of Israel forever.
A Modern-Day Moses? Ze’ev Jabotinsky (The Jewish Story)
Be inspired by Ze’ev Jabotinsky, a fighter, thinker, writer and dedicated Zionist who helped shape modern Israel. In this video, Professor Moshe Arens, a three-time Minister of Defense of Israel and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, gives a quick rundown of the life and achievements of the founder of the Revisionist Movement and the Betar youth movement. And he should know. As a teenager, Arens was one of the last people to see Jabotinsky alive before his sudden death from heart failure in the United States.
History of Jerusalem (The Jewish Story)
Take a whirlwind tour through this animated history of Jerusalem and discover 4,000 years of history in under two minutes.
The Rabbi's Daughter
The story of three daughters of rabbis, directed by the daughter of a rabbi. The four women have chosen a different path than that of their parents. Now they face inner dilemmas, communal censure and sacrifices that have to be made.